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The going gets tough: the text is nearly unreadable. I know I have a
photocopy of the photocopy - but how Lavonne read these names is beyond me.

Most of the names that I can make out really are as Lavonne has them and
most up to here have been quite clear. However - the place names are
sometimes doubtful.

Which is where you may like to help. The townlands must have been arranged
in circuits, and several of the circuits are dated. That and your better
knowledge of the area may suggest alternatives for some on the errors.
List is attached.

For her info - cc also to Lavonne.

Richard Torrens  - torrens@xxxxxxxxx
Torrens families Genealogical site  http://www.4qd.co.uk/torrens/
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      I Myoghil
     II Culleyramer
    III Caheny
     IV Drummain
      V Colleyman
     VI Moneydigg
   VIII Movenis Upper
     IX Movenis Lower
      X Bellury        Feb 11 1796
     XI Edinbann
    XII Tranallinaugh  Feb 2 1796
   XIII Dollaghy
    IVX Muletragh
     VX Lisaghrann
     VIX ____rars_lint
        Part of Lisaghein
   VIIX Laragh
  VIIIX Ballymenagh    Feb 12 1796
    XIX Ballydollaghan
     XX Carr
    XXI Killeyvally    Feb 16 1796
   XXII Karrireagh
  XXIII Ballyagan
   XXIV Keurn          Feb 17 1796
    XXV Gorticlogan
   XXVI Ballynameen
  XXVII Urcheran
 XXVIII Machermore
   XXIX _bol__an
    XXX Liscall Feb 24 1796
   XXXI Gortnamaigh
  XXXII (Ballytemple)
 XXXIII Farainlimmel
  XXXIV Fam amore Feb 29 1796
   XXXV Ballury (I cannot read this RJT)
  XXXVI Beleagh
        Carragh glass
 XXXVII Craighlore
XXXVIII Inshaleen March 2 1796
  XXXIX Killey_ergam
     XL Mett--n
    XLI Carr
   XLII (Money carey)
  XLIII (Faded out)
   XLIV Drummeen
    XLV Killey_______
   XLVI _____gh
X  LVII Mullan