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Re: 1796

On 07 Dec, Lunney Family <jglunney@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dear Richard, some more Ts from the LDS site. I forgot Sarahs before. I
> can't save as and copy to email, because I haven't yet got an email
> account on the new Imac that I use at work for the Internet; our old
> program won't run on Imacs, and I'm having trouble with it anyhow on the
> other machine. Hence typing.

Yes. As I thought. You have much pleasure tying to coerce the 'puter to do
your will!

Actually Lavonne's in a similar situation, using a Mac. I offered to
help her with her broken HTML, but she can't even save the data in a
file fomat that I can use. May as well type the data in myself!

Anyway, she has a colour copy of the original 1796 list. She sent me the
GIFs - but they are a lot worse that her copy, so I can't use them for
correcting her transcription. Anyway - she's making a colour vopy from
hers and sending me that. I can then proofread against her file (that I
feduced to plain text) and see if I agree with her transcriptions. Any
that are in dounbt, I'll seek your help.

Discussing this may be a good thing to do via the BannValley list!

> Interestingly but not conclusively. there are no Aarons at all listed on
> LDS records for America, whereas there are f.i. 22 Johns in AMerica.
> There are several Alberts, so that name at least does have some currency
> outwith the pages of RMT, or wherever it started

> I didn't note all the US Johns--one or two
> John Torren sic 1730 son of John Torren and Abigail Lee, Essex, 
> Massachusetts
> John Torrons 9 April 1761 marr. Jane Williams Phila. Pa
> John T. marr. 18 Oct 1807 Elizabeth McClure Upper Hopewell, Cumberland
> co.Pa

John: Which John are you looking for. We are happy (aren't we) that Jean's
son John is he in 1796 list, so went to America between 1796 and 1804.
Probably with family.

It is interesting that we have SO FEW Johns in Aghadowey...
1717: Alexander Terrence of Carnroe, To my grandson, son to John
Terrence, Alexander Terrence 
1740: PHHL. Probably same John in Desertoghil? 
1748: Archibald Torrence of Carnroe, Probate gtd. at Derry 10 Aug. 1748
before John Torrens

These three seem to be all the same John?

The naming pattern gives rise to oldest sons John - Alex - John - Alex etc

We have established
Alexander Terrance [Carnroe] b 1640 perhaps d 1717
John Terrance married Marion, born ? 1670?
Alexander Terrance in 1717 will. b. 1700 perhaps.

We also believe John=Jean has father Alex. He certainly has oldest son
Alex. John was b 1717. He's about the correct age to be a sucession
right through from Alex of Carnroe of alternating oldest sons.

What do you think?

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