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Re: 1796

Dear Richard, some more Ts from the LDS site. I forgot Sarahs before. I
can't save as and copy to email, because I haven't yet got an email account
on the new Imac that I use at work for the Internet; our old program won't
run on Imacs, and I'm having trouble with it anyhow on the other machine.
Hence typing.
Sarah T. 3 March 1867 Ballymoney Samuel T and Sarah Kirkpatrick GRO
Sarah 22 Sept 1746 Londonderry  Hugh T. and Mrs sarah Cunningham no source
Sarah 28 Feb. 1866 Kilrea Betty Torrens no F. in GRO records
Sarah marr. 1845 Tamlaght O'Crilly Robert McElwrath GRO
Sarah marr. abt 1767 Londonderry Alexander McClintock

Interestingly but not conclusively. there are no Aarons at all listed on
LDS records for America, whereas there are f.i. 22 Johns in AMerica. There
are several Alberts, so that name at least does have some currency outwith
the pages of RMT, or wherever it started
I didn't note all the US Johns--one or two
John Torren sic 1730 son of John Torren and Abigail Lee, Essex, Massachusetts
John Torrons 9 April 1761 marr. Jane Williams Phila. Pa
John T. marr. 18 Oct 1807 Elizabeth McClure Upper Hopewell, Cumberland

New info. is always interesting!