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Re: 1796

On 03 Dec, Lunney Family <jglunney@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> DearRichard, here are some of the births and marriages from the Mormons;

Looks like I'd beter start a proper collection of Births, Marriages and
Deaths. ATM they're all over the place. Once I've put them in one place, I
guess I can database them all.

Maybe that's why I didn't collect them: it's going to quite a task sorting
them out!

Mind you: a fair number are garnered from Lavonne's site: now that will
take some sorting!

It looks as if you re-typed them all? Were my hints on methids of saving
the file of no assistance? I'm sure you don't like re-typing!

> These are some of the Torrens records; probably there aren't many more at
> the moment-you have to look them up by individual names, and I thought of
> all the common names I could. There were no Andrews listed, nor Jonathan
> nor Francis nor Joseph

Now you've actually got a list of likely names!

> If you think people on the mailing list would like to see these, 

Dunno. I have asked them whether they want info.

I get very little feedback from anyone as to whether they've found the
Kernohan notes on our site useful. I think it proves that it's much easier
to re-arange, sort and generally play with data on an Acorn than on other

Like to get the 1796 names, I had to:
Download Lavonne's complete site. I have a progrsm calle !WebGet which
snags a whole site similar progs do exist on PCs.

Then extract the text from the bad HTML.

Then edit is, removing spaces and asterisks etc. Easy on our text editors,
but it's said that similar editors don't occur on PCs. We have 5wo to
chose from!

Then I had to transfer the data into a database program that xahn also
statisticall analyse and sort it.

Each step is simple given the right program, but no one program will do it
all, on any platform. Acorn programs communicate with each other.

> you
> could post this message. Incidentally, Rev.James Brown was my great
> great great great uncle on my father's side; he was ordained in Garvagh
> in 1795

Oh! So you can possibly claim some of the families on the list! Should we
go through the 1796 V list family by family, making notes?

Incidentally: Kernohan says:
Under Mayoghill, 1796 19th January occur seemingly as one family.
 Thomas Torrance
 Margrat Torrance
 Mary Torrance
 Hugh Torrance

He couldn't read the second, who we take to be Hugh.

Note Lavonne's transcription confirms this:

Family 3
* 13 Thos TORRANCE
* 14 Margrat TORRANCE
* 15 Mary TORRANCE  -----deleted
* 16 Martha TORRANCE
* 17 Mary THOMPSON

Family 4
* 18 (Hugh?) TORRANCE
* 19 Jennet TORRANCE
* 20 (Mary?) TORRANCE  -----deleted
* 21 Serah TORRANCE

Wonder what we can read into the 'deleted' bits. Typos, left home or
deceased. Sometimes it says 'Dead'.

Jane : Jean : Jennet seem pretty interchangeable.

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