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Re: 1796

DearRichard, here are some of the births and marriages from the Mormons;
most of these are from the Gen. Reg. Office or church register; I will note
where they are not from these sources.
Mary T. 27 Dec. 1792 Seaforde Down  register F. WIlliam T.
Mary T. 27 Jan. 1839 Kilrea register F. Hugh Torrence M. Jenny
Mary Ann T. 26 Feb. 1864 Coleraine GRO F. John T. M. Catherine Rath NB
birth was reg. in Coleraine, not nec. place of birth. There were Raths in
Mary T. 18 Nov. 1864 Dungiven F. George T. M. Jane McCracken GRO
Mary Ann T. 29 Jan. 1865 Aghadowey William T. Margaret Henry   GRO is
source I think
Mary T. 26 July 1865 Kilrea John T. Esther Torrens  ie mother's maiden name
app. Torrens
Mary T. 22 Sept. 1867 Kilrea William T. Elizabeth Adams

John T. 22 July 1864 Carrickfergus John T. Jane Mullin
John T. 25 Aug.1866 John William T. and Eliza Jane Haslam
John T. 15 Feb. 1792 Seaforde James T.
John T. 11 May 1829 Kilrea reg. John and Margaret Torrens

Agnes T. 29 Dec. 1861 Ballymoney parish church ie C. of I. F. John
McFarland sic M. Margaret no surname presum. Torrens
Agnes T. 23 Feb. 1866 Belfast Robert T. and Martha Johnston

Adam Torrance 1843 Bognor Regis, sn of Andrew T. and Sophia Walker Andrew
was b. 1801 at Woolwich; his F. was Andrew T. b. 1775 of Woolwich.
Presumably an army family; possibly Scots?

Robert Torrance b. 1840 Coleraine F. John T. no source

Margaret T. 27 Aug. 1824 Ballymoney parish reg F. Alexander T. M. Sarah
Margaret T. 28 Jan. 1864 Clogh, ANtrim Stewart T. Nancy McWilliams
Margaret Fullerton T. 14 July 1864 Rathmelton Donegal Moris Torrens and
Margaret Stewart
Margaret T. 11 Nov. 1799 Kilcoo Down John Torrence and Ann McDonnald
Margaret T. b. 20 July 1808 Ireland married a Mr Jordan no source--LDS
records only cited
margaret Torrins 24 August 1866 Fivemiletown Tyrone Hugh Torrins Mary
Armstrong  [presumably descended from the Torrenses of Clogher; there is a
Hugh T. grave in Clogher]

Anne T. 30 March 1828 Ballymoney parish F. James Douglas sic M. Jane Torrens
Anne T. b. abt 1823 Irvinstown tyrone married Thomas McCoy no source
Nancy T. 28 Dec. 1830 Drumachose Samuel T. Margaret

Jane Torrence 6 Nov. 1866 Dirraw ANtrim John T. Jane Ellise
Jane T. 22 Jan. 1867 Carrickfergus George T. Mary Ann WIlson
Jane T. 1 March 1865 Donegal William T. Jane Nesbitt
Jane T. 1806 Kilcoo reg. John T. Ann McDonald
Jane T. christened 3 Sept 1844 Kilrea William T. Letitia
Jane T. 18 Feb. 1866 Bellarena [near magilligan] Scott T. Martha McClelland

James T. 15 Jan. 1846 Raphoe Donegal Margaret McKay
James T. 24 Apr 1849 Templemore Derry Jane McCorkell
James T. 24 dec. 1863 Drumachose Leah Jane Thompson
James T. 10 October 1783 Londonderry no place Margaret Stewart no source

Samuel T. 24 August 1846 Moneydig GRO Elizabeth Dempsey

Alexander T. 17 Oct. 1795 Cathedral, Limerick Catherine Unthank
 THomas T. 10 Feb. 1857 Fannet meeting house Donegal Jane Williams
Thomas T. Thomas T. 9 Nov. 1731 Drumachose Margery King register

Willam T. 25 Aug. 1845 Register office in ballymoney Mary J. Hanna
William T. 26 May 1846 Gortlee, Don. Susanna Kemp
William Torrance 9 APril 1718 Downpatrick reg. Ann Smith
William T. 12 July 1862 Kilrea Mary Lennox not GRO and not register.
either, as far as I remember

These are some of the Torrens records; probably there aren't many more at
the moment-you have to look them up by individual names, and I thought of
all the common names I could. There were no Andrews listed, nor Jonathan
nor Francis nor Joseph
Obviously they haven't put up all their films; the GRO ones seem to be just
for the earliest years of official registration, and there are no death
records for Ireland. They seem to have put on the files of Protestant
marriages from 184?-1860, which were registered ahead of anything else. I
suppose the plan is to put  all the films up in due course. It will be a
wonderful resource, though it will treble the difficulties as well as the

If you think people on the mailing list would like to see these, you could
post this message. Incidentally, Rev.James Brown was my great great great
great uncle on my father's side; he was ordained in Garvagh in 1795
All the best Linde