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Re: Comments on 1796 and all

Here are some notes that I noticed.  Maybe you could let me know where
we do not click together so that I might have a chance to relook it.
That would save me time trying to find our differences.  I say this in a
kind and loving way and not the way it appears in the above written
words.  I love working together but I do want to debate the names I have
come up with.

I did not check the first part for typos.  Do you want me to do it?  If
I had to make a living as a typist, I would be out of a job tomorrow.

Family #290, Individual 1380
I do not  see David.  I believe it to be as I have it. Look again and
see what you think the second time around.

The "ps"="ss".  See the ss in Carragh Glass.

The second family listing above F#337
Thomson Bro??? Reed
I have looked at this entry a number of times.   When I looked at it
again it seemed clear to me that Broom (was on one Line) and  "field"
was below it and a bit to the right.  See if you don't think it is
'BROOMFIELD".  It looks so to me.

Typo type mistakes & other notes:
1.  Notes above #243...should read "there is no space"
2.  Note below I#1280  feint to "faint"; also F3295 notes
3.  Note below I#1291, feinter to "fainter"
4.  F#275, Robert McGummery needs to be pulled down
5.  F#282, I#1343 needs to be pulled down and ---- continued on the
other side of 282
6.  Second set of notes above F#283, readble to readable
7.  F#303, delete the ( before McCook.
8.  F#307, Add notes that family x out
9. F#334,  move (Jno) Craig, down below rest of family
10. Note below family #336, change cannlt to cannot
11.  #343, Monve (Note:) down to next line.
12.  Note above F#348, change habd to hand
13.  Perhaps write a note below F#357, re" faint". barely readable but
appears to be Mc Fall, but an educated guess.
14.  This line I believe is Linde's.  I believe the name to be
Constantia as it appears that way with the August 1818 visitation, Page
22 of the original.
15.  F#360, Agnu to Agnus as in transcript
16 F#361, "Henry" in transcript in both family members instead of Henr
17.  F#362, Hann should read "Hanna"
18.  I#1772, Spacing for Mary Ann
19. F#371.  I know the name is not TOY.  There is no "Y" in the name.
Look at it again.  My best guess was Tom but I really don't know.  Tom
as a last name would be highly unusual.  I will study and research it
more.  Does Linde have a copy  for her to check.
20.I#1838.  You are right, it appears to be Hutchinson.  In the note
below correct the typo of the above name.
21.  Note above F#386, sem to seem