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Re: Comments on 1796 and all

I copied & pasted this email because of the data:

That's good. Neither Linde nor I wished to hijack your work, but so many

Americans (typical Americans) don't realise how names used to work. In
Garvagh, 1796, newnames were a rare commodity. Now you clearly have your
eye in, you can see
that. So any unique or unlikely fore or sur names need a double take.
Ans:  I agree.  I am not here for fame & glory, just the facts.  With
the rarity of records in Ireland, it was important to be to do these
Garvagh records.  I know what the modern day names are, but my intent
was to put down what I saw and in time, what we see.  I really do not
know that much about the common names in Ireland are.  You and Linde do.
The Garvagh books will not be as well  preserved in the future as they
are today.  It is almost now or never.  The condition of the original
books are in bad shape and will only wither away even more in time.

You wrote:
You tried to index all the names. I would tend to do a name count and
analysis. More interesting!
Answer:  Do what you like.  I HATE to look for things, names, keys,
whatever.  I like things to have a place so I can find them.  That is
why I made the index.  I also wanted to cross reference the later

You wrote:
Re publishing it. Where do you want it to reside? I need to use it
with the Bann Valley list/site but it matters not where in the world it
is, provided I know if/when its URL changes so I can relink.
Answer:  Again, it needs to be placed where it does the most good and
that in in the Bann Valley site.  I am hoping as you are that we can get
more information on our Torrence line. You will being the frames which I
basically have no knowledge of.  Plustyou have the computher knowledge
that I do not have.  I also would like to have information for the
Kennedy surname but there is no one out there looking for Kennedys in

I guess that we would take that information from my site and make a link
to yours. What do you think?

You wrote:
Come to that - you have more general info on the Bann Valley generally
that anyone else. Do you want to get involved with the Babb Valley list
Answer:  I am not that familiar with townlands and family lines except
the information from Garvagh.  If I could be of help I would.  I can't
see that I would be.

You wrote:
. The Bann Valley thing is the start of the trap!
Answer: Agreed

I have not looked at the rest of the visitation you sent.  I will do
that tomorrow and get back with you.

In time I will be getting the births & marriage records from First

While we were there we should have copied the stones at the old First
Garvagh located behind the library.  Maybe somebody that is nearby can
do that.  There are not that many there.

One other point I noticed in skimming through your latest addition:  The
Driss.  The "ps" written that way stands for "ss".  I have seen that
many times here.  I also found the surname Driss in an Irish surname
book.  I had not heard of the name before so I did some research on it.
Drislane"A rare Co. Cork name derived from dris, briar