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Re: Comments on 1796 and all

Comments on your email to me:

1)  You wrote:
I spent a time puzzling over Elizabeth Waid 'Meharg'. But had you
that she is lightly crossed out? I tried to read 'Married' or something.

No luck. But it's clearly a comment.
MEHARG is a surname.  See two other MEHARG families #144  and #145.

2) I had to reduce the original copies  a tiny bit for them to fit on
the page  The actual size of the copies I have and I assume the original
size is: 8" x 12".

3) Alot of the families I did follow them through in order to work with
1796.  It helped alot.  I have my notes some place.

4) Now a few notes you have on the families:  I=individual   F=Family
Page numbers are from your typed copy & not the original:

Page 4, I #23, Jean Harper:  I noticed for the first time a 2 is to the
right of her name.
Page 4, I#25, Susanna Dunlop:  also has a 2
Page 4, F#7, Nelley
Page 5, No #, Kelaghan.the way I view  this name.
Page 7, F#26, Margrat & Dugal are clear.  Re: William...on the original
it has Will with no m for William.  For the first time, I believe it is
"Hill" and not "Will".  See what you think.  Check the "H" in "James
Hill"  on page 15, listed below family #71.
Page 15, I#351, "amas" or "omas"
Page 16, F#74.  John is faint but Mary, Brise, John, James are quite
Page 17, F#84, "??? do"; It is definitely "Wm"  There is also a blank
space between
                                            Matthew Paton and Wm
Page 17,  I#400, Cochran is clear
Page 20,  Note you made below family #97. Remove the note, "Below
Jennett....is the number 9".  The line and #9 is my line.  Why I left it
, I don't know.  I was dividing where page 9 begins and ends and where
page 10 begins.  Also on pages 22 & 24

Page 20, F#101, I#472.  I see it as "Mihall/Mihael.  I do not see a "K"
Page 28, F#143, I#698.  Begins with a C and ends with -elous.

I really like this idea of a group effort.  I like the creditibily of
three people scrutinizing the work.