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[4qd-torrens] ADMIN: Pls migrate to new list

List's been quiet for a while. But the new list is working as expected so
it's time for you all to migrate please.

1: Unsubscribe from this old list

2: Subscribe to the new
and follow the instructions.

If you like, go to the www introduction and join through that:

http://www.torrens.org.uk/Lists/1_joinus.html Torrens Family genealogy
mailing lists
This page is new and links to FAQ and rules lists which are also new and
hopefully make sense. But I'd welcome feedback on these!

             Richard Torrens  - Genealogy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
   Bann Valley Genealogy site: http://www.Torrens.org.uk/Genealogy/
Bann Valley, Torrens Families and Youghal genealogy and mailing lists.

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