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[Torrens List] Re: Torrens List New Lists

Hi Richard,
In reply to your email (presumably repeated below) I hardly know how  to 
reply correctly. I have read the rules of 'netiquette' and hope I am not  breaking 
I did, some time ago, send details of my line from Rev. Robert T of  
Churchtown but these are not recorded in the genealogy section. Probably I  didn't 
send them properly. Can I just put the details in 'word' in the body of  an email 
or must it be an attachment -- which appears to have problems  also?
If I do this will you be able put the information into the  genealogical 
section for others to see and comment on if they wish?
Is there a better way of doing it or must I use a Gedcom file in which case  
advice will be welcome?
Finally, if I finish with my name below is that acceptable as a  'signature'?
Mike Torrens from Devon.

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