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Re: [Torrens List] Re: Torrens List New Lists

In article <cdb.256008f1.34cb8671@xxxxxxx>,
   <Mdtorrens@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Richard,

>  In reply to your email (presumably repeated below) I hardly know how
> to reply correctly. I have read the rules of 'netiquette' and hope I am
> not  breaking them!

Don't worry. Anything which breaks the rules simply gets moderated - I can
alter by hand.

It's a fact that most postings to the genealogy list do break one or other

> I did, some time ago, send details of my line from Rev. Robert T of
> Churchtown but these are not recorded in the genealogy section.

To get me to add info to the site, you need to contact me off list so we
can discuss what data you have and what format is sensible.

There is nothing automatic about putting data on site - and I don't intend
to automate the process. Firstly, I'm not that much of a programmer.
Secondly I've seen 'automated' sites. I quickly go elsewhere....

So I'll do it properly (i.e. in a way that I'm happy with)- or not at all!

> Probably I didn't send them properly.

How and when did you send it?

> Can I just put the details in
> 'word' in the body of  an email or must it be an attachment

The body of all emails is plain text and can be nothing else. Anything
else can only be sent as an attachment.

> -- which appears to have problems  also?

No, not problems. Attachments are banned on most mailing lists. Yes, there
is a rule that any email with any attachment is automatically referred to

> If I do this will you be able put the information into the  genealogical
> section for others to see and comment on if they wish?
> Is there a better way of doing it or must I use a Gedcom file in which
> case advice will be welcome? Finally, if I finish with my name below is
> that acceptable as a 'signature'?

Yes: I think all here like to know who is writing the email: if your name
isn't in the From: address (i.e. with your email address) a signature at
the bottom makes sense.

There is a standard set for automatic .sig file to be added by the email
program. Microsoft take no notice of that so it's pretty much dropped by
the wayside.

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