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[Torrens List] Re: Ancestors / Members profiles

In article <000901c85fcd$55b52b50$9c70b440@owner9b3a88ab1>,
   Shelley Prelusky <sprelusky@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'm only quiet because no-one seems to be on my Midlothian line.  :)) =
> that went to Ontario Canada.
> BUT I do keep my eyes pealed for them.

> Shelley
> B.C., Canada

This raises a point. As my www site has proved it's easier to get others
of your line find you than it is to find them. Lurking on the list may
work, but it's chancey!

Some long time ago I started the Ancestors page
Torrens Families: forefathers.

The idea was to list the earliest known ancestor of every separate line,
so site visitors could connect to them, and add to the info on the page.

Nobody has contributed, so it is a dead project. One reasin is that theirt
are too many isolated 'ends' who cannot connect to any known tree. But the

List member's profiles

Anyone who wants to should submit to me a profile of their genealogy
showing the connection they have to the earliest Torrens known. They
should include their name (not their email address though, because of
spammers' harvesters)

The site is well indexed, so if any casual surfers find their info and
think they relate to it, they can make contact via the list.

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