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[Torrens List] Torrens in New Zealand directories

Christchurch City Libraries, New Zealand has a good collection of New
Zealand postal directories. The examples given below contain an alphabetical
section which lists people throughout New Zealand. Below are all the Tom and
Thomas Torrens names extracted from the alphabetical sections of each
directory. I have *not* searched other parts of the directory, e.g. listings
for each town. Abbreviations are frequently used and are at times difficult
to decipher! Punctuation is variable. Comments in square brackets are mine.

Directories are a particularly important source in NZ genealogy because
almost all 19th and 20th century census returns were destroyed. A common
research strategy is to look at postal directories first and then follow up
the names in Electoral Rolls which give names of all adults in the
household. To find out people's ages and relationships you have to look at
different sources again. Why did we destroy our census returns?

Wise's N.Z. Directory 1880-81      No Torrens
Wise's N.Z. Directory 1892-93      No Torrens

Wise's N.Z.P.O. Directory 1896-97
Torrens Hugh T. clerk, Owen street, Thames
Torrens J.T.  upholsterer, Great North Road, Arch Hill

Wise's N.Z. Directory 1901
Torrens  Thomas, Hobson st, Auckland

Wise's N.Z. Directory 1903
Torrens  Thomas, Hobson st, Auckland
Torrens Thos painter, Elizb st, Pons, Auck [Ponsonby, Auckland]

N.Z.P.O. Directory  1913
Torrens T.H.  accountant, Opotiki
Torrens Thos, carrier, 28 Jeffreys Rd, Bryndwr, Chch [Christchurch]
Torrens Thos, painter, 57 Norfolk st, Pons.
Torrens Thos, farmer, Wallacetown

At this stage I have extracted only the Thomas names, or those which could
be Thomas.

John Woods

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