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Re: [Torrens List] Dungiven Branch

In article <008901c86113$04cc9b50$0300a8c0@D35R2J0J>,
   Michael and Rachel Aron <allthearons@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have only one mild protest! Describing the Dungiven branch you say,
> Richard:  'This line has very nearly died out - only one branch is known
> to still survive.'

noted. But as you found the page - I'll make no apologies. However if you
wish to submit corrections, feel free.


> Have a look at my tree:
> http://trees.ancestry.co.uk/fhs/home.aspx?tid=5248316

Won't work on either of the two broswsers I normally use. Switching on the
laptop and using Windoze I consider to be hard work, not enjoyment, so I
decided to throw that page at the www consortium's validator:

105 errors! No wonder the browsers I use have problems with it!

Not every page on my site has been validated, but many have. 105 errors I
consider well beyond the pale!

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