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This is my first contribution to the list, even though
I've followed it for years.

A relative of mine, Joyce Foster Elkins, has published
a book listing my line called "The Descendants of
Alfred Earlie Torrence of Appomattox County, VA. He is
my great-great grandfather:

Alfred Earlie Torrence b.04/11/1848
Samuel Earlie Torrence b.10/07/1879
Garland Edward Torrence b.08/10/1909
Samuel Lee Torrence b.01/01/1940
Christopher Mark Torrence b.10/28/60

I have not corresponded with Joyce in several years,
but the last information she put out was that Alfred's
father was Aaron Torrence, born in 1815. He was
married to a Mary Abbitt.

Thats all the info I have on Aaron. If you know of any
connections, I'd greatly appreciate it.


Christopher M. Torrence

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