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[Torrens List] Torrens/Archibald

Hello to one and all,

I am hoping I have now sent this to the right spot. Third time lucky they
say is the charm! 

My name is Frankie and I live in Australia and I have 2 young girls and a
husband who puts up with my growing obsession with my Family tree. I have
become very keen on discovering my ancestors.  The last year I have been
trying to track anyone connected to Archibald/Torrens Families and it looks
like I've come to the right spot.

What I do know for sure is:

James Archibald B:1896 Greenock Scotland (My Grandfather)
Married: 1921 Greenock Scotland
Alexina Wedderspoon B: 1896 Dundee Scotland (My Grandmother)


Elizabeth Torrance B:1922 D:2000
Alexina B:1925 D:2001
James B:1927 D:1966
John Alexander B:1929 D:1981
Isabella Siberite Taylor B:1930
Arkley McKenzie B:1933 D:1975
Norah Halley Scott B:1934 (My Mum)
Margaret B:1938 D:1973

James Archibald B:1853 Londonderry Ireland (G GF, he was son of Robert
Archibald B:1811 and Nancy Henderson B:1813)
Married: 1880 in Greenock, Scotland
Elizabeth Torrens B:1856 Culnamen Ireland D:1935 Greenock (G GM, she is
daug. Of Samuel J Torrens B:1825 and Elizabeth Gilmour previously Henderson


Robert Archibald B:1881 
John Alexander B:1885 (Twin)
William Henderson B:1885 (Twin)
Samuel B:1890 D:1893
Elizabeth B:1892
James B:1896 D:1974
Hugh B:1899

I look forward to hearing from anyone with mutual interests in the above

Hopefully I have now sent this to the right spot.  If not please let me know
the correct email address.


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