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[Torrens List] Markethill Torrens

Hi everyone

My mother was born a Torrens in Markethill, Co Armagh, Northern Ireland. With the help of the Torrens website, the website of the  Markethill Presbyterian Churches, and the website "Armagh Ancestry" I have been able to construct a family tree starting with a David Torrens, who married Eliza Levingston in 1833.  I am wondering if and how these Markethill Torrens might be related to the Torrens in the Bann valley.

Also, several of the Torrens from Markethill  emigrated to the USA. Those I know about were:
 John (born 1880, died 1954 ),who arrived in San Francisco about the time of the 1906 earthquake. He married Mary, and by 1930 thay had a 7 year old son John William;
 Robert William (born 1883), arrived in San Francisco about the same time, and married a Susan Douglas. By 1930 they had 3 children, Robert, Edna and Lilian and lived in Ruth, White Pine, Nevada;
Mary Jane,(born 1888). She arrived in SF about the same time, and also married a Douglas.
There was another - Anna, born 1890, who married a Croatian with the suname Vlasick, but I have been unable to trace her at all. 
If there is anyone out there who can help me with either my research in N Ireland, or in USA, I would be very grateful

Anne Reid

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