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[Torrens List] Our name in History Books at Amazon.com

Hello all, As someone who over the past few years who has purchased goods from Amazon.com I continue to receive various Advertisements from Amazon via email. I have just received one advertisement which I thought should interest many of you which is about their latest book range tittled "Find your Name in History" . I checked it out and I enterred "The Torrens Name In History and beleive it or not there is such a book, Question is , would it be worth purchasing ??

My Advice would be that as there is so many books of this tittle which specializes in other Surnames , perhaps some of you should check these out. I wonder who put these books out etc and how genuine are they , and what they contain and are they accurate ??
If any of you have already bought any, let us know what you think.

Best Wishes,


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