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[Torrens List] Morrison family history

Good Morning,

I am researching my family history, and have just suscribed to this list. I would be most grateful to recieve any information which may be of interest. 

Both my Great Grandfather and my Grandfather are mentioned on the RANKEN of KILFOY family tree.* 

Some details:-

Great Grandfather:    Dr Hugh Smith Morrison MP.  1858-1929.  Author of 'Modern Ulster'.*

Grandfather:               Dr. Albert John Mc Clure Chesney Morrison.   Born 19.05.188?  Died 16.01.1933.*

Grandmother:            Gladys Eva Squires.  Married Albert Morrison in 1920 in Aghadowey, Coleraine, Derry.

Mother:                        Suzette Gladys Whitley Morrison.

Father:                         Wg. Cdr. James Morgan RAF. of Giffnock, Glasgow, married Suzette Morrison in Italy during WW2.

Sisters:                       Carolyn Ann Morgan of Sotogrande, Cadiz, Spain.  Diana Morgan of Montreal, Canada.

I do hope that there may be some information out there which helps to fill in the gaps.

Thank you.

Andrew Morgan.

M: +90 (0) 531 769 8663.