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[Torrens List] A Rescued Torrens Family Bible.

Hi All, Ive been meaning to mention this story about a Torrens Family Bible that was spotted at an Antiques Auction. Back in September 2009 while I was milking cows, I received a phonecall on my Mobile/Cell phone from my sister Heather. She was in a panic as she had only got time to tell me that Cousin Melonie had been informed about a Torrens Family Bible that was for sale at McAfees Antiques Auction in Ballymoney. It was about 6.05pm and I asked when does the Auction start, she said 6.10pm !! I was going "Beserk" !! Heather was still working, I couldnt run out and leave the Cows milking, so I had to make a lot of quick calls, my neice, another sister, my cousin Alan Torrens, No anwer on any of their phones so I was ready for Mental Breakdown at this stage. Finally I got in touch with fellow Genealogist Kate Connolly who was just about to have her supper and then she would head over. Then cousin Alan who had received my message rang back and said he was already in Ballymoney, he said he will make a bid for it and I told him that not to go over £50-60 for it. I had no idea just how much a Family Bible would cost and yet I had not even seen this Bible. I knew Alan is the type of guy who is always dealin in something, He hackles people so much they get so fed up with him they usually practicly give the item away just to get rid of him Lol !! I rang Kate and told her that Alan was already there and he has first hand experince at buying and selling. So I continued to attend the cows again when I got a few phonecalls from Alan with bits of information on this Torrens Bible. He said there was Death Cards inside this Bible of a Mary Ann Torrens, and her address was at Union St, Ballymoney. So this gave me a fair idea what Torrens she was, I remember seeing this family in the 1901 Census, I recall they were School Teachers as well being Reformed Presbyterians. Anyhow, about 7.30pm Alan rang me to inform me that he has bought the Bible for £80. He said there seemed to be much interest in it and from what he told me it sounded like there was some very Religious type people who image would be simillar to that of Plymouth Bretherin.

So thanks to my cousin Alan I now have this Torrens Bible still in Torrens hands. Now this Bible has about 800 pages, about a foot long, and 4 - 5 inches thick. It was Published by William Flint, 26 South Seventh Street, Philadelphia. It was made in 1869, So that explains the large engraved brown leather cover on it which also has a steel clip that binds it together.
On the front cover is the name "James Torrens" engraved.
Inside is a stamp of "James Torrens, House Carpenter, 109 D St, SO. Boston". There are pages where entries of Family should be made but unfortunatly they are empty. But there is the Death Cards which read;-

At her Residence, Oldenburgh Terrace, Charlotte Steet, Ballymoney, On Wednesday, 3rd January, 1900,
Her remains will be removed for interment in Kilraghts Old Burying-Ground, on Friday, the 5th instant, at Eleven o"clock.

There was not many Reformed Presbyterian Torrenses in the area. The only other ones who were was John Torrens of Ballyboylands, Kilraghts. He is in the 1901 census as a RP. I think this Mary Ann Torrens could have been either his Aunt or his sister.
I must look over my notes to see if I can find Mary Anns age.
Now I wonder if any of John Torrens of Ballyboylands descendants are on this list. I know there was a Kenneth Torrens in Florida who grew up in Ballymoney, Im sure this Bible would mean a lot to someone like him or perhaps he could shed more light on it.

What does concern me is that just how many Family Bibles turn up at these Auctions and end up leaving famillies forever. I dont know if these Torrens ladies ever married so what may have hapenned is that someone has taken over their house and either they decided to sell this bible or maybe it turned up on someones roofspace. I know one thing, we Torrenses should be very thankfull to those who first spotted, allerted us to the fact this Bible was being sold.
Has anyone else had these experiences ??

Best Wishes,


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