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[Torrens List] Re: A Rescued Torrens Family Bible.

In article <4B96D4C9.2000501@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Derek Torrens <sdtorrens@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi All, Ive been meaning to mention this story about a Torrens Family
> Bible that was spotted at an Antiques Auction.


> What does concern me is that just how many Family Bibles turn up at
> these Auctions and end up leaving famillies forever.

Very much my thoughts when I once registered the domain
BritishFamilyBibles.co.uk. Now extinct and moved to
http://www.Torrens.org.uk/BFB/index.html British Family Bibles

If you google for - British Family Bible - I'm the first.

I do occasionally get someone adding the contents of another bible but the
heyday of destroying such bibles was probably around 1960s and 70s. By the
time a www site was sensible, there appear to be few bibles available.

Most of them were apparently destroyed and the illustrations saved and
recycled as pictures.

They do occasionally appear in second hand bookshops - though those are
now nearly an extinct breed! I have offered to add data from such bibles
to the site and quote the shop as owners, but have never had any interest.

There are apocryphal stories of people finding lost lost bibles, or
restoring them to their families, but it's so rare that is makes a good

Typical price for large bibles is around £25, unless they are particularly

There is an American bibble site, which quotes a lot. For the British site
to really take off it needs a lot more entries. Unllkely these days.

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