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[Torrens List] 1622 Torrence in Ireland

This may or may not be new news; (I suppose it counts as new news if you don't remember it when you find it a second time......)

I note a John Torrence, described as "gent." in the 1622 Muster Roll in the barony of Loughinsholin; ie south Co. Londonderry. This is earlier than I knew of Torrenses in north co. Londonderry, who are first recorded in the 1660s,, and were probably not there much before then, because the townlands they are listed in were originally designated "native freeholds" and thus not open for incomers; before the 1641 rebellion messed things up for the native Irish and settlers alike

I woder if this John might be ancestor of the gentry Torrenses of Dungiven?


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