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[Torrens List] Torrens in Revolutionary War ??

Hi All, I was wonderring as the 4th July is now upon us, if there was any of the Bann Valley Torrens men involved in the American Revolution. I know its been a while since Ive been working on the Torrens Genealogy so Im feeling a little rusty now as its been so long and memory isnt that great in regards to the early Torrenses and the American Connection. I know there is some confusement with the Bann Valley Torrens with that of the Sgt Hugh Torrens. But was there not the Thomas Torrence and Hugh Torrence in Middlebury, Vermont (The Letter writer) and a Samuel T of Woodbury, Conneticutt etc. And I recall that there was supossed to be a Samuel Torrens who may have either been a Immigrant or son of a Immigrant with the Rev McGregors Party in the 1718 Migration to Londonderry, New Hampshire. I read that Londonderry, New Hampshire is supposed to have been the the Town to supply more Troops to George Washingtons Army than any other American Town.

Anyhow, Happy 4th July Celebrations to you American Listers on here.

Best Regards,


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