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[Torrens List] Thomas Torrens of Woodbury, CT

Richard and Others, I was flicking through the net recently to see what Torrens men would have been involved in the American Revolution as of my earlier posting. I was thinking about the authors of the "Three letters from America" and that connection. Then I found various documents of a Captain Samuel Torrance of Woodbury, CT. So I just hapenned to be on Genforum as its been so long since Ive been on it and I enterred "Woodbury" and found this posting from last year by Tom Fetters;-

"This is how I list the folks:

Thomas Torrance (1718- ) x 1748 Anna Mitchell of Coolnamen, Ireland and later *Woodbury*, CT. He was the third of 12 children. (Gen 5)

Tom and Anna had 6 children and the third was:

Samuel Torrance (1754-1843) x 1781 Anna Root (1756-1835) of Bristol; then Roxbury, CT; then Cataraugus Co, NY (1830)
(Gen 6)
Cataraugus Co is at the far west end of New York and below Buffalo and on the Pennsylvania line.

The Torrance section is being re-organized and the children of Sam and Anna are in transition at this point. I'll try to get to it soon.

Anna Mitchell and Anna Root are clearly problems as folks list them as earlier or later than what I show. There does not seem to be a good definitive proof for these two women.

Tom Torrence Fetters"

Richard, Is Tom Fetters a member of this list ?? I know he has posted loads of Torrens stuff on Genforum since I started Genealogy in 1999. I thought this was interesting as he has Thomas being born in 1718 but yet Im not sure who his father was. I also found a family Group Sheet of a Stinson Family who had purchased land from a Samuel Torrance in 1744 near Londonderry, New Hampshire. Samuel must be one of ours too. I will keep searching, but any views or comments on these people would be much appreciated.

Maybe this will get me back onto Genealogy again.

Best Regards.


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