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Re: [Torrens List] Torrens in Revolutionary War ??

Judy, good to see your name on an email again; look forward to further contact!

There is a book on Google books which lists gravesites of 'Revolutionary patriots'; by Patricia Law Hatcher

Torrance Samuel Sample Hill cemetery Randolph, Cattarugas Co. NY
Torrence Andrew Millegdevill GA
Torrence George Coddle Creek Cem, Mooresville Iredell Co. NC
Torrence, Hugh Center Pres Ch Cem Iredell Co NC
Torrence James Lebanon Cem Miflin Twp Allegheny Co, PA
Torrence John Woodland cem Xenia OH
Torrence Samuel Woodbury CT
Torrence Thomas Sibleyville Ce Rush Monroe Co. NY
Torrens.....Center Pres Ch Cem Iredell Co NC

of course they may have emigrated from Ireland, lived awhile in Pennsylvania, fought in the Revolutionary war lived another 30 years and moved to Georgia or wherever and been buried there, far from where they signed up, and therefore might be in this grave list as well as in a muster roll for another state. The NC ones seem to be from the Foyle and Roe sides, rather than the Bann valley

Samuel Torrance of Woodbury seems to be a co. Derry product; in the Torrance and Allied Families book he is clearly stated to have been in the Revolutionary war; however, that book links him into the sergeant Hugh line, and that I have doubts about.

Lots of info online about his descendants

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