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Re: [Torrens List] Torrens family in Garvagh


I have a note of a Margaret Torrens, b. 1875 and baptized in Moneydig Presbyterian church, (near Garvagh) daughter of William Torrens of Carnroe and his wife Jane Alexander. A Margaret Torrens, age given as 26, presumably the same person, is in the 1901 census in the household in 1901 of her grandfather Torrens Alexander of Mayoghil,, near Garvagh. He was aged 90. I suppose it is possible that if Margaret had fallen out with her parents, that her grandfather might have looked after her. I have been in touch with a Robert Alexander who gave me some details of the complicated intermarriages of Torrens and Alexanders over the years; if you think this might be your ancestor, I'll scan or photocopy his letter for you. I am not clear on all the links, which are very complicated, but I think the old man Torrens Alexander may have been married to Sally Ann Brown; if so I am possibly related to her, as well as distantly to the Torrens of Carnroe family, and also obviously somehow to Torrens Alexander, whose mother may have been Torrens. I'm not working much on these families now, so I'm rusty; someone else on the list may know the story better?

Linde Lunney

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