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Re: [Torrens List] Info on Jared Sidney Torrance; html??

I am also interested in more information regarding Jared Torrance's ancestry in order to see how he fits into our Torrance families. Does anyone remember emails from list member, Doris Torrance Coleman around 2000? I have only been able to find one of her emails, but she had written in others that she and her family would go down to Torrance often when she was a child and she was told about her relationship to the city's founder. .I also remember phoning her when we passed through Fresno, CA around that time. We talked, but she seemed elderly and wasn't up to a visit. She usually typed her emails in upper case because she explained that her sight was poor. To follow up at that time, I searched the internet for further information and talked with various "city leaders", but made no progress. The email I sent to her today was returned ("failed permanently").

We live about 50 - 60 miles from Torrance and I can visit their to learn more. Any prior information I have will help make the attempt more fruitful. Any thoughts or helpful background material?

Thank you.
Judy Hergesheimer

On Oct 24, 2010, at 6:00 PM, donhancock wrote:

I would be most interested in the information you have on Jared s. Torrance, as well as the founding information of Torrance, California. Thank you in advance. Catherine Torrance (Hancock)

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Someone sent me a page or two on Jared S. Torrance and the founding of Torrance, California. It's probably stiff with HTML and certainly has two photos; one of which I found interesting because in it he reminded me of my grandfather David Torrens. They were probably second cousins thre times removed, which is not a very close relationship, so it muct just be coincidence.

If I send you the extract offlist, can you edit it appropriately? or would it be better for people who would like to see it to contact me separately?


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