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[Torrens List] Fwd: Seeking family of Rev. David J., Georgiana, Millicent and Robert G. Torrens

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From: <libby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 09 May 2011 1625
Subject: Seeking family of Rev. David J., Georgiana, Millicent and Robert G. Torrens


I am the genealogy researcher for Maple Grove Cemetery (>MGC") located in Kew Gardens, New York.   In researching cemetery records, we have found that the individuals who are the direct heirs of David J. and Georgiana (or Georgianna) Torrens may be the owners of excess grave space at Maple Grove.  We are attempting to advise the heirs to the property that grave space is still available to them.   My records indicate that the heirs are Millicent and Robert G. Torrens(if living, otherwise, their surviving direct descendants).

While seeking information on the Torrens, I found the letter on the above-referenced URL and thought this might be the family I am seeking.  If indeed this letter is referring to the Robert G. of the family I am trying to fine, I'd be grateful for any contact information you could give (and do, of course, feel free to pass along this email, if appropriate).

Thanking you in advance for your assistance, I am

Libby Edwards
Maple Grove Cemetery
718 544 3600
M/W/F 9:30 am - 4 pm

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