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[Torrens List] Re: Torrens of Limerick city

In article <116873AA-A0B5-4E41-B7B1-B9F6DC9C802B@xxxxxxxxxx>,
   Lunney Family <family@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Nov 1811 John Torrence Limerick and Susanna otherwise Unthank his  
> wife to John Orr city of Dublin merchant; document recites a lease of  
> October 1795; lease to Alexander Torrens of a stone quarry and dock  
> and a plot of ground on the Shannon in Limerick;  marriage of John  
> and Susanna in 1800; Alexander is now dead. John became bankrupt; his  
> ownership of Shannon dock seems to be transferred in some way to John  
> Orr.

Hullo Linde

For a monent I though this might connect with my line - Henry "Harry" Long
(later of Youghal) was born Limerick about 1822. His daughter Elizabeth
"Jenny" Long married my gt gfather Robert Jameson Torrens [1853] and they
had a Limerick connection - some of their children were born there.

However I can't see any hooks on my tree on which to hang them!

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