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Re: [Torrens List] Robert Torrens (Drumsara)

Hello Helen

I have been hanging back hoping that someone else would answer your query. I am badly out of practice on Torrens genealogy! and haven't myself worked on this line since maybe 1990…. At that time I met Don Chambers from New Zealand, a Drumsara descendant. He gave me some info and stayed in touch as he worked on them over many years, but he is now dead. I think he had nephews or nieces, but I can't provide any contact details.

I have a couple of sketched family trees that he provided and also material from some of the other people who are on this Torrens list (who know more about recent Torrens descendants than I do……hint to others on the list). Somewhere I have a photograph of Drumsara and I think also a transcript of Robert T's will but I can't put my hand on those at the moment.

As far as I know Robert 1822-1902 was born in Culnaman, which is the seedbed of most of the Torrenses from co, Derry; his father was Hugh probably 1793?-1878 a farmer and weaver, and his wife I think was Margaret who was also a Torrens. Her parents were Samuel and Mary Ann Torrens. She may have been mary Ann Smyth, and possibly she was Samuel's second wife. It is likely that I descend from Samuel and his first wife.   Hugh b. 1793? was apparently son of Hugh of Culnaman, and his wife, probably Esther; this Hugh seems to have been born in or around 1761 and lived until after 1821. This Hugh is believed to be third son of a Torrens man (possibly Joh?) and his wife Jean, who was also a Torrens; her dates are something like 1727-1803. Her father was Hugh Torrens of Mayoughil.

So if you look for those people on Richard's Torrens site you can see some of the many descendants of the Torrenses of Mayoughil and Culnaman.

I hope this helps (and I hope it is acceptably accurate, I'm out of touch!)

If you send me a  postal address I'll send you some copies of the trees that various people gave me; I have a new computer, and it is not working with my older scanner. Easier to photocopy than to download new software…

Linde Lunney

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