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[Torrens List] Interesting Ulster Scots Presbyterian Documentary.

Hi Folks, for those of you outside of Northern Ireland who didnt get to watch this fantastic new 3 Part series about the History of the Scots Irish or Ulster Scots Presbyterians from its formation until the present day now is your chance. You will get to learn much about our Presbyterian Faith, who we are, and understand the Political and Cultural Identities of Presbyterianism here in Ulster. You will also get to see towards the end of the first series the story of the Rev James McGregor of Aghadowey Presbyterian Church and how and why he took his Congregation as well as many more congregations from all around East Londonderry and North Antrim to New England in America in 1718 for a new life of Freedom and what they faced once they reached there.

I highly recomend this for all History and Genealogy buffs.


Best Wishes and Enjoy.

Derek Torrens.

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