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[Torrens List] Interested in George Hamilton of Minard and his wife Bertha Torrance (b1861) daughter of Henry Torrance (b1835)


Greetings from Tokyo, Japan,

I am researching the early history of western sport in Japan and one of the key figures is George Hamilton of  Minard in Scotlland (1845-1929) who married Bertha Torrance. I am the historian of Japan's oldest sports club, Yokohama Country and Athletic Club (YC&AC), founded in 1868 (George Hamilton was one of the  founders) and you can find my (old) history of the club here: www.ycac.or.jp/club/history

I would like to contact his descendants who might have photos, diaries and letters etc from his time in Japan. I know a lot about George up until he moved from Japan to Elizabethtown, NY around 1890. 

I know the book was published in 1938 and there are thousands of people in it but I wonder whether you might be able to give me any pointers or suggestions regarding how I might be able to achieve my objective,

Kind regards,

Mike Galbraith

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