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[Torrens List] Re: Name variation with spelling "Torrents"

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   Tamra Torrents <tamra.torrents@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello All, 

> Not sure how this works, but I am wondering if anyone has any
> information on the spelling Torrents.  Has anyone seen this variation? 
> My dad is having a difficult time tracing the family name because of
> this.  Not sure if anyone knows or if you can provide any direction.

For anyone who has missed it, my own essay on the origins is at

There appear to be several sources of the name: one, the commonest, is the
Scots/Irish one. But there is also the Spanish/Basque one. And there are
early Irish names which are similar.

Professor Thomas F Torrance of Edinburgh years ago researched the Scottish
references for early mentions. He found a lot. But they are disconnected,
and impossible to connect since there are too many gaps. So in 16th cent.
there were (if I recall) about 7 Torrenses around Hamilton. We cannot
connect these - let alone tell how they connect to the lines we have

Prof Torrens gave my father a copy of his notes, which I have. I could
transcribe it if there is sufficient interest, but it is significant work
- and as I said, the records do not connect.

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