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Re: [Torrens List] Re: Scottish Torrance data

Thank you Richard! I am impressed and pleased to receive the valuable Torrens information. Will motivate me once again to discover new data about my family. My two visits to Garvagh, Moneydig and surrounding areas, home to my family, were certainly rewarding. I especially enjoyed visiting Linde Lunney in Dublin and David and Rosemary Torrens in Moneydig.
My family ties:
I am Judy Davidson Hergesheimer: b. Dec. 17, 1938, Cedar Rapids, IA; m. David Hergesheimer in 1958 My mother: Louise Torrance Hahn; b. Oct. 3, 1908, Poweshiek Cty., Iowa; d. Dec. 2, 2008, Iowa County, IA Her father: Benjamin F. Torrance; b. Sept. 17, 1875/6?, New Jersey; m. Ion Shannon, Feb. 10, 1907; d. 1933, Poweshiek Cty., IA His father: Thomas Torrens; b. June 15, 1831/2?, Garvagh; m. Mary Barr of Coleraine; d. Jan 1916, Poweshiek Cty., IA His father: Smith (Smyth) Torrens; b. 1795, Moneydig area; m. Mary Kennedy; d. Jan 19, 1887, Coolnaman
	His father:  Samuel Torrens;  b. 1759/60, m. Mary Ann Smith (Smyth).
Again, thank you.  I appreciate the hours of work you have done!
Judy Hergesheimer
Thousand Oaks, CA

On Aug 22, 2015, at 8:52 AM, Richard Torrens (Genealogy) wrote:

There are so many records, I have started a new area: the records are now



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