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[Torrens List] Re: Scottish Torrance data

In article <BA34FAE9-778D-48C9-8954-CF19FBD99C69@xxxxxxxxx>,
   Judy Hergesheimer <jdherges@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>   Thank you Richard!  I am impressed and pleased to receive the  
> valuable Torrens information.  Will motivate me once again to discover  
> new  data about my family.  


> Again, thank you.  I appreciate the hours of work you have done!

That is what I need - feedback!

There is no chance of expanding my own tree backwards: the records don't
exist: My father thought he had a connection back to Scotland - hence
D.R.R.T.'s notes - but I don't see it! There is also a limit to the
interest in sideways expansion.

D.R.T.'s notes are extensive. The sasines I am doing have 394 entries,
something less than 1/2 the total. I've so far transcribed up to no 65. It
should keep me busy for a while.

There is also possibly more on the Sgt. Hugh Terence - Gustav Anjou fiasco.
for those who have not read it.

BTW: I have just fixed a few broken links in these pages. There will be
others, please let me know!

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