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Re: [Torrens List] Re: Scottish Torrance data

Hello Judy.

I have been dormant in respect of my Torrens line for a long time but seeing your email has awakened my interest. I joined the List a few years back after I made contact with Derek Torrens, my 3rd cousin. It would appear from your information that we are also related. I believe you are my half 4th cousin once removed. I am related through Samuel Torrens, born 1759. He was my 4th great grandfather and I am descended from his first marriage to a Miss Wilson. I have no idea of her firstname. I see that Samuel was your 3rd great grandfather by Mary Ann Smyth his second wife. Briefly, I was born in Greenock, Scotland. My mother was Elizabeth Torrance Archibald named after her grandmother Elizabeth Torrens who married James Archibald of Culnaman. They married in Greenock in 1880. Elizabeth Torrens was the sister of James Gilmore Torrens, Derek's great grandfather. There is evidence of other Archibalds and Torrenses having come over from that part of Londonderry. They appear in the 1881 Census returns for Greenock. It was relatively easy then as there were steamships arriving and departing daily from the Clyde. Employment was readily available in the shipyards and sugar refineries. Interestingly the spelling of 'Torrance' was used instead of 'Torrens'. The 1881 Census returns also show a family of Stewarts from Ireland with an Archibald described as a nephew living with them.

Robert Morrison

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