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[Torrens List] Attachments and list rules: please read

As someone has recently discovered, the list won't accept attachments.

But there are many documents, photos etc. which are of group interest. So
there are arrangements to allow you to put these on the www site. 

This is done via the form you can use to post to the list: I have just
altered the email footer to mention this.

But please tell give the attachment a meaningful name and tell the list
what you have just posted!

May I remind posters about list rules: i.e. no html and do not top post.
These rules are to keep the archives sensible and to avoid unnecessary
clutter there - so I do not intend to change them!

The footer also includes a link to the list rules page! Yes - I know
nobodey ever reads to the bottom of an email these days: that is another
reason why top posting is not on!

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