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[Torrens List] Re: Scottish Torrance data

Hullo all

The Scottish data is now finished. 

It's notable that certain families keep appearing in the data - though
with the spelling altering.

The name Mungo T. is one such: I think this has to be a family name, and a
tree might be producible. Another such name s M'Miken T.. So I think
several trees could be made from the data.

There are also a significant number of early records, 1500, 1600. Again,
these are generally certain land-owning families, so trees might be

Few of us can trace backwards. I wonder if trying to make early trees
would give us any information on how the lines are connected.

Another interesting page is the tree made from Burke's Distinguished
Families of the U.S.A.
This connects Sergeant Hugh T. to Albert T. and seems to be the foundation
that Gustave Anjou used to buid the fraudulent tree which RMT gives in his

If you've not read about Gustave Anjou's fraud, see 
where I've told the story of his dealings with JST.

The two books, JST and RMT are also on the site:

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