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[Torrens List] DORRANCE/TORRANCE; Voluntown, Woodbury & Salisbury, Connecticut

With respect to Note 38-2 for Robert McIlvane Torrence's book Torrens and
Allied Families as found in the left pane of this page...


...I would like to know more about all of the primary source(s) by which the
following statements were made:

"Note 38-2 Robert Parke and his brother John were parishioners of the
Reverend Samuel Dorrance in 1722? It is believed that this Dorrance family
which also came from the north of Ireland, and especially the Reverend
Samuel Dorrance, influenced Thomas and Samuel Torrance to go to Connecticut
where they became closely associated. It is probable that Samuel and Thomas
Torrance influenced Robert Torrance to locate there. This Robert stopped off
at Philadelphia; went to Chester; thence to Woodbury, Connecticut, where he
married Lucy Peck in 1704 and finally located In Salisbury."

Of course, all sources will be cited in my forthcoming article for The New
England Historical and Genealogical Register. I will also formally
acknowledge any contributors therein.

Thanks for your help!


Perry Streeter (perry@xxxxxxxxxxxx)

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