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[Torrens List] Re: Torrens Genealogy Facebook Page.

In article <060489295E2745CBB9532941A9B06DBF@ShelleyPC>,
   Shelley Prelusky <sprelusky@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm sorry guys, I don't do Facebook a lot either and didn't know about
> your Facebook page.  I've now joined it. 

> My line doesn't seem to be that popular.  My eldest Torrence is William
> Torrance b. bef. 1679 Scotland.  He as a farmer in Carrington &
> Borthwick, Midlothian, Scotland and married Anna Ronaldson in Braidwood,
> Lanarkshire on Dec. 2, 1699. Then he marred Helen Gray on Mar. 3, 1727. 
> William was son of James Torrance and Isobel Dalgleish.

> My area doesn't see to match anyone elses. Midlothian.?

> Anyways don't give up...others might be like me..a little slow on those public sites.

> Shelley

Hullo Shelley

Did I ever put your line on the www site? Easy enough to do if you send me

The trees on site are searchable and have been searched by all major

Trees are at

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