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[Torrens List] Re: Torrens Genealogy Facebook Page.

In article <4444c441.315db.156f8e0f252.Webtop.88@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Hazel Paton <hazelmpaton@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi, there,
> I'm sorry, but I didn't realise how this group works.  I'll try to 
> contribute with the hope that I can swap information with other Torrens 
> seekers.  It makes my head spin at times, especially when Torrens 
> marries Torrens.

Usually cousins. It happened a lot around the Bann Valley - which I would
guess is where your line may cone from (you have not given any place

> My biggest headache at the moment is John Torrens (about 1805 to 
> goodness knows when), married to Martha Hill (born around 1810 to 
> goodness knows when).  My great-grandfather was their son Thomas Torrens 
> (10 Jul 1847 to 25 Sep 1911), and he was a simple farmer with 6 acres of 
> land, but the leading trees in Ancestry seem to have him mixed up 
> inextricably with another John Torrens married to another Martha, but 
> whose surname was Morrison.  

John Torrens (1804-1864) married to another Martha Morrison is my g.g.

The tree is at

This tree is as accurate as I can make it: it traces back to letters
around 1800, and was originally compiled by a N.Ireland genealogist of
good repute around 1910-1920. I don't think you can connect to it but it
could help by removing false links.

> To further complicate things, these trees have included Hill Torrens,
> who I see as a natural product of a Torrens-Hill union.  The John
> Torrens (1804 - 20 Sep 1864) married to Martha Morrison (1810 - 12 Oct
> 1891) were rich, educated and privileged, having university graduates,
> while my line was poor.

> It's hard with the duplication of names, including patterns of, eg, 
> John, Robert, William, Thomas, Agnes, Mary and Martha replicated ad 
> infinitum, and I'm just going in circles.

All names are common in my line and not all of the line was rich. There
are other trees on site. I suggest you use the search button (available on
every page) to search the genealogy on my site.

See also many other pages including
who muddied many genealogical waters, including some Torrens lines.

Use of Family names as given names

has lots of reading which may be useful. And there are two books on site:

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