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[Torrens List] Re: John Torrens of Drumagarner

In article <6f97f3db.33825.156fa556f5c.Webtop.88@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Hazel Paton <hazelmpaton@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi, Richard,
> Thank you for your response.  I had found what I do know on your site 
> some years ago, and my expression of frustration was not aimed at you, 
> but at the Ancestry.com site, where the half-dozen trees with my 
> ancestors have become increasing complicated because the John Torrens 
> married to Martha Hill has been mixed up with the John Torrens married 
> to Martha Morrison. My relatives have become mixed up with the other 
> tree.

> Hopefully, answers will be forthcoming and I'll be able to continue my 
> research.  I'd love to find that they go back to Spain!

> Regards,
> Hazel Paton

You have to be VERY careful taking trees etc. from the internet. Always
check that they are correct with the original documents. Other peoples
trees are often fiction! Problem with trees is that once the records are
absent, it's anybody's guess. And if the tree is compiled from sources
other than original documents....

It's highly likely that all the Ulster Torrenses trace back to Scotland,
around Glasgow. There are lots of references at
but we have no definite connections. Many Scots came over during the
Plantation period, mid 1600s.

But the name may have come from Ireland originally.

It's likely the Spanish name arose separately, but really there's no

There were Torrenses in Lanarkshie around 1130 - so they could have spread
a long way.

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