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[Torrens List] Re: Torrens Genealogy Facebook Page.

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   Jonathan Torrens <jonathantorrens425@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This email comes at an opportune time.  I have sent an odd email here
> and there in the past trying to track down the origin of the Spanish
> Torrens line, to determine if it's an independent occurrence or in fact
> somehow descended from a more ancient branch.  Just a couple of days ago
> I asked a friend whose family had traced their Spanish genealogy back to
> El Cid (certified by the Spanish government), to forward me the
> resources they used in tracking their ancestors.  I'm hoping during my
> spare time and with a little work, to gain some greater insight into the
> origins of the Spanish Torrenses.  Incidentally my family moved to the
> US via Cuba in the 1960s, and I live in San Francisco.

You and I both!

As yes nothing has come up to connect the spanish line to any non-spanish
line. But you aren't alone: there are many disconnected lines.

I have never had a spanish GEDCOM to put on the site.

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