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I am a Torrens from a family in Dundrum, Co Down - in fact there are two
lines in that area one Protestant and one Roman Catholic.  The latter as
far as I can ascertain were probably a conversion through marriage in the
16th Century in the Dundrum area.

I can get to two brothers, James and John, born in the mid 1700s in the
Dundrum area.  They were labourers/share farmers it seems - over the next
100 or so years, my line from John Torrens born 1770 (ish) becomes sailors,
then steam sailors then marine engineers except my late father who became a
Chartered Accountant. 😳. I joined the Royal Navy - now retired.

I have been developing my family tree over 10 years + but can't get any
linkage to the Bann Valley or Scotland.

Can you or anyone you know help?

Best wishes

Norman Roland Torrens

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