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Bann Valley mailing list form and file upload

Form for posting to the mailing list

If you prefer using a WWW form to your email program, for any reason, you can use this form to post to the Bann Valley mailing list.

If you are replying to an existing post, please use the same subject as the post you are answering, to keep the list as tidy as possible.

If you want to quote parts of the email, you can mark a block in the email and CTL-C to copy it the clipboard. CTRL-V in the 'Your message' window of the form should then paste it into the form. But please make sure it is clearly a quote - the convention is to put "> " (an angle bracket followed by a space) at the start of each quoted line.

Your name:
Your email address:
Please make sure your email address contains no errors and is the one subscribed to the list.

Please chose a subject for your email:

Your message:

What happens now?

When you press submit, your query will be sent to the mailing list and your email address checked against subscribed members: if it passes the email will be posted to the list members.

File Upload

This form allows you to upload files to the Bann Valley www site (or to myself), via your www browser. Open the folder containing the file you wish to upload, then drag the file and drop it on the area below.
File to upload:

Once you have uploaded the file, don't forget to tell list members (or myself) about it!

The file you have just uploaded will be found at:

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