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[4qd-bannvalley] Forsyths

I'm only mildly interested in Forsyths, but I noticed the name Jacob; these
Garvagh Forsyths must be related to a family in the parish of Aghanaloo,
over near Limavady. In 1782, acc to the Londonderry Journal, Jacob Forsythe
of Artikelly married miss Haslett of Clooney. Jacob is an uncommon name, so
I think it  is likely that there is a connection. There are or were until
recently still Forsyths over in that area. Again I'm not related to these
Hasletts, but I am interested in tracking them, and I've been in touch with
a couple of people who are interested in the Haslets; let me know if you
want contact details for Haslett/ Hazlitt researchers.

Linde Lunney