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Re [4qd-bannvalley] Townland of Cah

Theda, Ive been meaning to send you this email this past few days, as I had
just happenned to be looking through a book called "Bushmills Heroes" by
Robert Thompson.
Its about those brave men who died from the Bushmills area in the 1st World
I was looking through it while waiting to go online and I spotted the story
of "Lance Corporal Robert Paul" born Dec 1892 at Drumnagee , Bushmills, son
of  John Paul and Isabella Morgan, he was the third son. and they resided at
Islandranny Townland , Bushmills. The funny thing is that when I went online
then I saw your message, and just
your latest message you stated that you were also researching the
"Cunningham" family.
This may seem a coincidence but in this book it states that Robert Paul
prior to enlisting, worked as a Farm Labourer to Mr Robert Cunningham, of
Ederone, Mosside.
Robert was killed in action on the 13th August 1917 and is commemorated in
Drumtullagh Parish Church, Mosside. He was survuved by his brother James
Paul (17 Mar 1887) who had two sons
John died infancy & James in Ballymoney. the other brother John Paul (8 May
1890) died in Canada.

 I think the name Paul caught my eye in this book as I knew the name wasnt
that local a name for the Bushmills area, thats why I wonderred if the
family may have moved across from the Kilrea area in search of work. !!
Also, My email to this list about the people from the Bann Valley who got
 married in Bushmills Presbyterian Church I mentioned a Sarah Paul, daughter
of John Paul, Portstewart, married in 1908 to a William McCaw,
Ballycraigagh. It could give a clue as the Islandranny isnt far from
Ballintoy, and I know  that area is full of McCaws.

 I hope this helps anyhow,

 Best Wishes,


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> > There are no Conways in my lineage that I am award of.  My lineage come
> down
> > through the surnames of Cunningham and Paul.  There were Cunninghams
> living
> > in Cah during the same time period that my Cunningham great grand
> > were living in Liscall and Garvagh.
> > Theda J. Brinker