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[4qd-bannvalley] LDS Torrens Marraiges 2.

Hello, Here are some more Torrens Marraiges that I seemed to have forgotten
to send some time ago, I guess I was just too busy doing other things, Im
only getting time for Genealogy now.
Anyhow, I hope these will be usefull for some of you.

POOR LAW UNION;- Ballymoney
PARISH OF;-  Kilrea.
MARRAIGE;-  1st Kilrea Pres.
DATE;-             8 August 1862
NAMES;-         William Torrens, Servant, Kilrea, son of John Torrens,
                          To Mary Lennox, minor, Spinster, Servant, dau of
James Lennox, Labour
WITNESS;-       Nannie ? Adams, and Archibald Torrens.

POOR LAW UNION;- Ballymoney.
PARISH OF ;-  Finvoy.
MARRAIGE AT;- Dunloy Pres. Church.
DATE;-         19 May 1849.
NAMES;-     Stuart Torrens, 22, Schoolmaster,of Anticur, son of Robert
Torrens, Farmer.
                     To Nancy McWilliams, full age, spinster of Anticur, dau
of Robert  McWilliams, Farmer.
WITNESS;-   William Torrens, and Torrens Elliot.

NOTE;- This is interesting, The Torrens Elliot was possibly a full cousin to
the groom, I have somewhere a baptism  I found of the child of a Betty
Torrens and a  Charles Elliot of Smallquarter, in Kilraghts Presbyterian, in
1831, Smallquarter Townland lies beside Artiferral and that there was a
Torrens family who lived there which made me think that the Betty T could
have been from Artiferral.
I think that Stuart Torrens was living at Anticur Townland when married was
the son of the Robert T who also lived at Artiferral !!
Its also quite funny that my fathers cousin Jim Torrens married an Elliot
who father was also from Smallquarter.  "Smallworld" !!!!
Then we have the following;-

POOR LAW UNION;- Ballymoney,
DISTRICT OF;- Ballymoney.
MARRAIGE;-    Registrars Office, Ballymoney.
DATE;-              25 Aug 1845.
NAMES;-          William Torrens, Farmer, Artiferral, son of Robert Torrens,
                          To Mary J. Hanna, of Ballylough, daughter of
Robert Hanna, Farmer.
WITNESS;-       James Kirkpatrick, and J.S. Rentoul, Minister.

NOTE;- This William Torrens, son of Robert of Artiferral is probably the
Witness and brother of the Stuart Torrens whos Marraige I spoke about
earlier, These people is the same conection as Torrens List member Pat
Salyer who is also a descendant of the Robert Torrens of Artiferral. I hope
Pat is still a member and keeping well ??
It is also interesting that the above Wiliam T has travelled quite a
distance to Ballylough which is near Bushmills and would be about 10 Miles
North of Artiferral. I know a man Hanna who still lives at Ballylough, I
must interogate him if he has any knowlegde of these Torrenses.!!

Speaking of Ballylough, Check this out;-

POOR LAW UNION;- Coleraine.
PARISH OF;-  Dunluce.
MARRAIGE;-  Dunluce Parish Church.
DATE;-            10 June 1861.
NAMES;-         Alexander Torrens, Servant, Ballylough, Parish of Billy, son
                         Torrens, Labourer.
                         To Mary McClements, Servant, Gortnacapple, Dunluce
                         of Charles McClements, Labourer.
WITNESS;-     Daniel Robinson, and Nancy Robinson.

NOTE;- I wonder if this Alexander Torrens is connected to the earlier
mentioned William Torrens whos wife was from the same Townland as Alex T at
I can only assume that Alex T was a Servant in Ballylough house which is
part of the Estate still owned by the Trail family.

Anyhow, I think thats enough for now, I hope these have been helpfull.

Best Wishes,