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[4qd-bannvalley] Alison Causton?

On 12-Jul-05, at 10:02 PM, Matt & Heidi wrote:

> Hello,
> I am wondering if there is an Alison Causton on the list or if someone 
> might know her contact information?
> I see that she supplied the site with information on Kilpatricks in 
> the Bann area in March of this year.
> I have a Margaret KIlpatrick marrying a Dawson Bellingham around 1836 
> (possibly in Kilrea) and I wonder if she might have a lead on the 
> name.
> Thanks,
> Matt Bellingham

Hello, Matt:  Well, this is me, for better or for worse ;-).

All the Kilpatrick information that I have extracted/transcribed is on 
the Bann Valley web site.  And we do not have this particular Margaret 
Kilpatrick in our family tree.

So, sorry, it looks like I have no fresh leads for you.  Best wishes in 
your continued search and perhaps one day, the web site might have 
additional extracts & transcriptions from other Bann Valley subscribers 
that might help you.  Stay tuned ;-).

Alison Causton