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[4qd-bannvalley] Communicants' Roll Books

Hmmmmmmmm - I wonder.  I would have liked an answer that said early teens
because if one of the Jameses is not aged 12 then he sould be dead six years
previously.  Actually, I vaguely remember going to communion myself when I
was just into my teens - but that was a cenrury later!  Anyway, thanks for
getting back to me so quickly Barbara.  You can always be relied upon to
give me an interesting response.

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> Boyd,
> This is the answer I received from Rev. Edward Andrews
> on the Scotch-Irish list.
> "The general age of people joining the Church - being
> confirmed, is much older than other traditions.  The
> youngest would be in late teens.  Given that there was
> not a particularly high regard for the importance of
> the sacraments in the Irish tradition of
> Presbyterianism, there was no rush to get to
> Communion.  It was only that many Kirk Sessions
> required people to be members for their children to be
> baptised which brought people also to the table."
> Hope this helps.
> Barbara Braswell